Popular Wine Varieties of the Hunter Valley

Popular Wine Varieties of the Hunter Valley

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/01/2014

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The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s premier wine destinations boasting some of the most beatific deep reds and zesty whites across the continent.

The pristine landscape is adorned in gold’s, reds and greens with rising rocky mountains, lush deep valleys and a temperate breeze blowing in from across the sea. This is nature’s garden and with vast amounts of space and over one hundred and fifty vineyards sprinkled across the landscape the Hunter Valley is the perfect place for connoisseurs to crush a cup or two.

  • Exclusive Vineyards

    Some of the greatest names in the world of wine can be found in the emerald pastures of the Hunter Valley including the prestigious Hope Estate, the Draytons, Tyrrell’s Wines and the exclusive Wynwood Estate. Spending a couple days or even weeks wining and dining your way across the picturesque region is the perfect way to discover the gourmand delights in the heart of the Hunter Valley.

  • Spectacular Semillon’s

    One of the best wine varieties you can find in the temperate surroundings of the Hunter Valley is the Semillon. The delicate fragrance, the dry finish and the pale colour all contribute to crafting one of the most unique white wines in the whole of the world. Growing the Semillon grapes is an art form and sippers and swirlers will delight in the crispness, the soft aromas of vanilla and amber honey and the deep complexity of flavour will ensure that every glass will stand out and dance on your tongue. He Semillon’s can blossom in the bottle for more than two decades to deliver a stand out flavour that is synonymous with the Hunter Valley. Sipping a cool glass of white in the shade whilst gazing out at the spectacular vistas stretching into the horizon is the perfect end to a perfect day in the Hunter Valley.

  • Bright and Bountiful Shiraz’s

    Those who prefer something darker in colour and brighter on the tongue will adore the spectacular Shiraz that puts the Hunter Valley on the map. The medium body, the smash of seasonal berries and the ageing capabilities makes the bounty of the Shiraz a firm favourite recognized across the globe. Making waves in the forties and fifties the legendary wines of Maurice O’Shea at McWilliams and Hector Tulloch at Tulloch are still considered two of the best wines in the world and are both perfectly paired with food.

  • Satiate your Soul

    New South Wales is one of the most revered areas in the whole of Australia and the Hunter Valley is at the heart of the winemaking region. Wine lovers swinging by the Hunter Valley can find delightful boutique hotels, farmer markets, garden inspired eateries and open cellar doors to satiate the mind, the body and the soul.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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